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1x RED KOMODO 6K Digital Cinema Camera (Tiltaing Camera Cage)


DZO Pictor Zoom 20-55 mm T2.8 (PL Mount)


1x Atomos Ninja V 5-Inch Monitor (SmallRig Ninja V Cage)

1x SmallHD Action 5 Monitor


1x Tilta Nucleus-M Wireless Lens Control System

2x Angelbird 1TB AV Pro CFast 2.0 Memory Card

1x DZO PL Lens to Canon RF-Mount Adapter

1x Wooden Camera PL Lens to Canon EF-Mount Adapter

1x SmallRig Shoulder Rig (with VCT-14 Quick Release Tripod Plate)

1x Kondor Blue Rosette Arms, Grips, and Clamp Bundle (Provide Quick Adjustments)

1x Tilta Tiltaing Pocket Follow Focus

1x JTZ DP30 Carbon Fiber 4x5.65 Inch Swing-Away Lens Matte Box (up to 114mm)

1x Memory Card Reader

Multiple Cables


4x REYTRIC V Mount Battery (190Wh)

2x Watson Pro Gold Mount Battery (158Wh)

1x Watson Pro Quad Position Battery Charger (Gold Mount)


1x DJI RS 3 PRO Gimbal Stabilizer Combo (10 lb Payload, Focus Motor, Multiple Camera Control Cables)

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